Mentor Programme

Since: 1998
Area: Galicia
Participants: European Social Fund. Consellería de Política Social, Xunta de Galicia.

Mentor Programme is aimed at the social-labour insertion of young people over the age of 16, under the guardianship of the Government of Galicia. Its principal objective is to improve these young people’s quality of life through an individualised project which guarantees them labour insertion and training for an independent life, so that when they reach the age of majority they may be fully autonomous.

We are a team of professionals (educators and technicians) who, since 1998, have been tackling the challenge of constructing, jointly with these young people, individualised solutions which guarantee them their own future as free and responsible citizens.

The Mentor Programme team, along with the young people themselves, carry out work in which the latter are the protagonists of their own processes. An individualised project is established, in line with their abilities and interests, making it possible to increase their employability, understood as the competence and abilities required for access to the labour market and their permanence therein throughout their lives.

It is aimed at young people over the age of 16 in care, or having been in care, wards of court, or in social conflict, who wish to voluntarily join the world of work.

We work through an (individualised) labour insertion project (PIL), established with the young person in question, and which provides them with training strategies and tools for labour insertion: training in basic abilities (abilities required to initiate the process), training (endeavouring to ensure that this is innovative in both its content and the manner in which it is taught), insertion schedules, etc…

An essential element within the Mentor programme is our Insertion Support Resources which are essentially spaces of coexistence, freedom, tolerance and personal growth, in a setting of integral support. They are designed to encourage empowerment processes in the young people participating, through the application of a series of tools and knowledge, with the final objective of social incubation: successfully transforming these young people into true citizens, i.e., independent autonomous individuals with full social economic and political rights.

Further information: Programa Mentor

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